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avv. Roberto Colantonio
Dec 21, 2017

How to cook a Banksy: an original Neapolitan recipe


Edited: Dec 21, 2017



If we’re being honest, we Neapolitans don’t really need such a thing as “street art”. With three thousand years of history behind our city and a Greek heritage, we even see Rome as a new town. It’s quite unfortunate, then, that the artist known as Banksy decided to gift us with two of his pieces. Ours is the only city in Italy to house Banksy originals. Today, only one of Banksy’s Neapolitan works survives: The Madonna with a Pistol (inspired more by a portrait of Saint Agnes than the Madonna, to be fair). You can still admire Banksy’s Madonna with a Pistol in the Piazza dei Gerolamini, in the old town. Well, you can try, at least. Currently, the artwork is “protected” by an iron cage “proudly” made by petty local business owners. The iron cage encloses Banksy’s street art in Plexiglas. From above, an artificial light burns the colours. From below, the humidity trapped by the Plexiglas does the same. The result? Banksy’s Neapolitan street art is cooking, day by day, like ragù (Neapolitan tomato sauce) in a pot.

Check out the photos to see for yourself.



The work’s "protectors"  forgot the moral of the story from the Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs: actions motivated by greed only lead to disaster, and in this case, the disaster was pretty predictable.


Article and photos by Roberto Colantonio, www.contrattidartista.it

www.lavoratorieimprese.com, Author of "La Street art è illegale?", Iemme Edizioni, 2017

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